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Spectrum of the Seas Spectrum of the Seas

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Spectrum of the Seas
The award-winning Quantum Class, Spectrum of the Seas is an adventure full of feats and firsts.

Watch as robots craft a custom juice creation for you at the Bionic Bar. Elevate your stay in one suite of our Suite Club, the most luxurious accommodations at sea with access to a variety of exclusive amenities. Or change the way you make family memories in the Ultimate Family Suite, an expansive, multi-room retreat complete with its own insuite slide and cinema which also doubles as a karaoke stage. 
Bars and Lounges

Schooner Bar

Wrap up your night at Schooner Bar, where perfectly mixed cocktails and live entertainment come together in a warm-lit nautical-themed lounge. Cozy up in a seat under the mast, by the portholes, or right by the gleaming grand piano. The sing-along's about to being.

North Star Bar

After you’ve taken a ride on the North Star, featuring brilliant 360 degrees views from 300 feet above sea level, celebrate your unforgettable ascent with something sparkling, mixed, frosty, or tropical. At North Star Bar, the sips are just as impressive as the sights.

Sunshine Bar

At Sunshine Bar within the Solarium, you can select treats from a tempting menu of fresh juices and antioxidant-rich smoothies. Or slip into an island state of mind with one of Sunshine Bar’s creative cocktails. Whatever your’re in the mood for, Sunshine Bar has a drink to satisfy every craving.

Bionic Bar

At Bionic Bar, meet two robotic bartenders who know how to shake, stir, and mix up your night out. With moves as fluid as the Pimm’s in your cup, these mecha mixologists can create an almost endless combination of cocktails, from classic cosmos to custom-crafted sips designed by you.


Whether it’s malbec, merlot, riesling or pinot grigio, you’re sure to find all your beloved reds or whites at Vintages wine bar. From France to California, the wide world of wine is well-represented through extensive partnerships with top winemakers, including some exclusive bottles you won't find anywhere else.

Pool Bar

You don’t have to stray too far from your comfy poolside lounger to enjoy a cool and creamy piña colada, a tropical Mai Tai, a glass of bubbly, or your favorite ice cold brew - just pull up a chair at the Pool Bar.

Two70 Bar

Grab a hand-crafted cocktail at Two70 Bar and start gazing because you never know what you'll see. In the evening, live entertainment pairs with amazing multimedia visuals across a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows. When evening turns to night, Two70 transforms into a nightclub that keeps the party going strong. Raise a glass to that.

Included Dining
The Windjammer is your go-to restaurant for tantalizing global flavors served complimentary. Like just-pressed paninis packed with all your favorite meats and cheeses. Flaky pastries fresh from the oven and omelets any way you like them. And hearty mains that run the gamut from crispy buttermilk fried chicken to Vietnamese braised Ho Chi Minh pork.

Splashaway Cafe
Treat your little ones to a tasty snack-a-thon made just for them. Located right near the kids’ pool area, Splashaway Cafe is the perfect flip-flop-friendly spot to fuel up in between epic adventures onboard.

Noodle Bar
Enjoy live chef demonstrations and noodles made fresh daily at this new noodle bar in the Grand Windjammer Marketplace. The Windjammer is your one-stop-shop for diverse dining that runs the gamut from Japanese teppanyaki to fresh-from-the-oven pizza at Sorrento’s.

Sorrento’s Pizza
There’s nothing more satisfying than a great slice of pizza - and Royal Caribbean has spent years perfecting the recipe at Sorrento’s. Whether you’re into classics, like cheese and Margherita, or specialty pies, like the meat-loaded Carnivore or the pineapple, bacon and BBQ-infused Caribbean Dream, Sorrento’s serves up perfection in every slice.

The Cafe@Two70
The Cafe@Two70 is a gourmet marketplace where every meal comes with a side of captivating views. Choose from a variety of savory hot-pressed sandwiches, crisp custom-made salads, homemade soups and more - all packed up picnic-style, so you can enjoy them while looking out floor-to-ceiling windows in Two70 or anywhere else onboard.

More Choices:
  • Dog House
  • Room Service
  • Main Dining Room

Dance Classes

Salsa, hip-hop, swing or ballroom. Learn the latest moves from instructors and bring your newfound skills to your favorite Royal Caribbean dance floor.


The surf’s always up on the 40-foot-long FlowRider surf simulator. Grab your board and get ready, 30,000 gallons of rushing awesome are headed your way. Carve like a pro - or just try to stay upright - while friends cheer you on from the stadium seating.

70s Disco Party

We hope you brought your taste for nostalgia, because tonight we’re turning back the clock to an era of polyester, platform shoes, and non-stop partying. Hustle back in time and show us how you get down once that funky music starts to play.

Sugar Leap

What’s sweeter than victory? A candy-coated adventure through a world made entirely of sweets. In the virtual reality Sky Pad game, Sugar Leap, you’ll score points by grabbing candies as you bounce your way along an enchanted path. Time your jumps and adjust your jumping height to max out your sugar meter. If you level up on a Sugar Rush, every candy you collect is worth twice as much. Those who tap out with the highest-ranking sugar sprees will be listed on the daily leaderboard.

Game Shows

Bring your skills for game time thrills and take on the challenges in Love & Marriage, Battle of the Sexes and the adults-only Quest. Collaborate or calculate your next move and join in on the fun as a star or a spectator- it’s up to you.

Learn A Language

Immerse yourself in the language of the locals with foreign language lessons onboard. Learn greetings, phrases and questions so you can enjoy chatting with the residents.

More Choices:

  • Scrapbooking 
  • Pool Parties
  • Outdoor Movie Night
  • Theme Nights
  • Casino
  • Folding Artistry
  • Pools
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Sushi Making Classes
  • Cupcake Classes
Kids & Teens


Bubbling science experiments. Dino-sized secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Adventurers ages 3 - 5 are engaged and entertained any time of day in the Adventure Ocean Aquanauts group.


For Explorers ages 6 – 8 at the Adventure Ocean youth program, there's no end to activities that engage young imaginations. Like science experiments, including Space Mud, Fossil Fever and Meteorology Madness. Arts and crafts with Adventure Art. Performances where the kids are the stars. Even dance parties with ice cream.


The Voyagers group at Adventure Ocean® offers endless ways for kids age 9 to 11 to play. They can stoke their competitive spirit at sports tournaments and video game showdowns. Show off their skills in talent shows. Join in a scavenger hunt around the ship, and much more.

Teen Lounge

The Royal Caribbean teen program isn't some structured set of classes or rules. These "almost adults" deserve a vacation all their own. So we give them the freedom to join pre-planned events throughout the day, or simply hang out in teen-only spaces with our teen staff that keeps the good times coming.

Bumper Cars

Rush hour gets a thrilling spin at the largest indoor activity space ever to set sail - SeaPlex. Buckle up and take the wheel for nonstop fun on the only bumper cars at sea. Get ready to bump up your game as you speed, bounce and bang around the floor.

Star Moment

From pop classics to rock ballads - you’ll find all your favorite tunes at Star Moment, one of the most unforgettable activities onboard Spectrum of the Seas. Hit the main stage and belt it out in front of a crowd, or reserve a private room for a special singing session with up to ten of your closest friends and family. No matter what your favorite jam or genre, at this karaoke spot you’re always the star of the show.

More Choices:

  • Adventure Science Lab
  • Babies and Tots Programs
  • Adventure Ocean
  • Laser Tag: Battle for Planet Z
  • Splashaway Bay

The Effectors

Some superheroes are known for powers like ultra-fast speed, laser vision and titan-strength - but The Effectors draw their powers from their ability to create. Now, this band of heroes will have to face off against the ruthless Crash, their arch-nemesis who’s bent on stopping the show and destroying the world. Get ready for an action-packed original spectacular at the Royal Theater.


When it comes to onboard entertainment, our original production shows shine the spotlight on awe-inspiring. The brand new spectacular Showgirl is no exception. It’s a thrilling multi-sensory experience that uses bar-raising choreography and cutting-edge lighting and video effects to pay homage to the iconic siren of the stage - the showgirl - across the decades.

The Silk Road

What do you get when you combine the groundbreaking entertainment technology of Two70 - like 12k visual capacities and 36-axis robotics - with the colorful and exotic cultures of the Far East and the award-winning talent of the Royal Caribbean onboard entertainment team? An unforgettable showcase of stunning music, dazzling costumes, and diverse dance styles. Set in the ancient past, The Silk Road takes viewers on a journey along the legendary Silk Road, stopping in places like Rome, Persia, India and China.

North Star

Leave it to Royal Caribbean to raise the bar on adventure. North Star elevates you high above the ship for unrivaled 360-degree views of the world as you wander. Just step into the observation capsule - winner of the Guinness World Record for tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship - and take in views of the ocean, ship, and some of the world’s most incredible shores from over 300 feet above sea level.

Virtual Concert

Unique to the Two70 theater on Quantum Class ships, Virtual Concert is a visionary musical experience that uses high resolution video footage of live performances captured on five 4K cameras to create a truly unique, immersive experience.

Expedition Two70

Journey to Two70 and test your adventuring skills in four fully immersive augmented reality games. Locate artifacts placed around the room and scan them with the Royal Caribbean International app to begin each challenge. Raise temples, blast ruins and more on your quest to recover ancient masks. Finish all four games to win.

Sip, Tour, Brunch

Catch a glimpse of the magic that happens in the kitchen on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the galley with the Chef. Then take your taste buds on an exceptional brunch in a dining room, where you can indulge in spectacular eats paired with unlimited sparkling wine.

More Choices:

  • Guest Entertainers
  • Original Productions
  • Guest Lectures
  • Live Bands
  • Captain’s Welcome Aboard Reception
  • Music Hall
  • Two70
  • Night Life
Spa & Fitness


The largest indoor active space at sea is also the most revolutionary. There's never been a venue like SeaPlex before- offering a full-size basketball court, and bumper cars at sea. This is going to change the way you play.

Bass Bouncer

If you want to make some serious sound waves, join the virtual reality Sky Pad game Bass Bouncer, which throws you into a futuristic world powered entirely by music. Blast along toward Party Island and use the energy from your Beat Stream to power up as many sonic glyphs as you can on the way. At the end of your musical journey, you’ll get to hear the song you made in one rocking grand finale.

RipCord by iFly

The wind in your face, no ground beneath your feet and the adrenaline pumping as you float weightless in the air - there’s no rush in the world like skydiving. On the RipCord by iFLY simulator you can feel the freedom of freefall without even leaving the deck. Time to let your spirit soar.

Jump Rally

Take on a team of robotic opponents in the Sky Pad virtual reality bungee adventure game, Jump Rally. Your gaze controls an energy deflector, which you’ll have to use to stop as many power orbs as you can from passing the goal within the given timeframe. The longer you play, the more difficult the game gets, so stay sharp. The highest-scoring players will have their results posted on the daily leaderboard.

Sky Pad

Hop into the Sky Pad for an out-of-this-world bungee trampoline experience. Strap in, put on your virtual reality headset and get transported to another time, place, or planet. Whether you’re smashing candies in a sugar-coated world or traveling light years into the future, your virtual adventure will launch you high into the stratosphere and let your imagination soar.

More Choices:

  • Whirlpools
  • Table Tennis
  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing Wall
Specialty Dining
From delicious sushi rolls to fresh sashimi and nigiri, Izumi serves up an exotic Asian-inspired dining experience. Savor izakaya-style appetizers and rolls that range from classic to imaginative. No matter what you order, you’re in for a far out, Far East feast filled with incredible flavors from Tohoku to Tokyo.

La Patisserie
Get ready for some French confectionary perfection. Take your sweet tooth on a decadent journey through an exciting assortment of flaky macarons, tantalizing petits-fours and rich artisan chocolates - all paired with tasty espressos, frothy cappuccinos and more at La Patisserie.

Sichuan Red
Savor an exotic tapestry of authentic spices and wow-worthy Asian-inspired flavors while feasting your eyes on endless views for the whole table at Sichuan Red, Designed just for Spectrum of the Seas, this is one game changing specialty dining experience foodies won’t want to miss.

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine is all about pushing the culinary envelope. Dishes are designed to tantalize your taste buds and present a visual feast. Find crispy crab cones topped with fluffy avocado mousse, gazpacho served with pepper spheres and bread foam, and dreamy desserts that will take your breath away. Pair your meal with cocktails described as “magical” elixirs crafted to deliver full-sensory experiences.

At Teppanyaki, the experience isn’t just about delicious flavors and dishes designed to tempt your tastebuds -it’s also about impeccable presentation and dazzling displays that surprise and delight. The expert chefs at this specialty restaurant elevate cooking to a performance art form, and you get a front-row seat at the best culinary show at sea. There’s something for everyone here, including fresh seafood options like succulent scallops and steaming lobster, top-quality Wagyu beef and NY strip steak seared to perfection, and juicy chicken breast paired with tiger shrimp -all cooked in front of you and served with tantalizing housemade dipping sauces like Konbuponzu and tangy ginger onion.

More Choices:
  • Chef’s Table
  • Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver
  • Coffee & Tea Shop
  • Chops Grille
Ship Facts
  • Maiden Voyage: Apr 2019
  • Guest Capacity: 5,622 (double occupancy)
  • Crew Capacity: 1,551
  • Tonnage: 168,666
  • Length: 1,141 ft.
  • Width: 136 ft.
  • Draft: 28 ft.
  • Cruising Speed: 22 knots
  • Registry: Bahamas
Ocean View with Large Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King One single sofa bed in staterooms with up to 3 guests. One double sofa bed in staterooms with up to 4 guests. Private balcony.
Ocean View Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. One double sofa bed in staterooms with up to 4 guests. Private balcony
Obstructed Ocean View Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, full bathroom and private balcony.
Ocean View
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, and full bathroom.
Interior with Virtual Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description High-definition screen that spans nearly floor to ceiling, providing real-time views of the ocean and destinations. Bedroom area with two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, and full bathroom.
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed,One double sofa bed in staterooms with up to 4 guests.
Studio Ocean View Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Single full size bed, full bathroom and private balcony. Single occupancy stateroom, no single supplement required.
Studio Interior
Category Code(s)
Description Full size bed and full bathroom. Enjoy Virtual Views of real-time scenery via your flat-screen television. Single occupancy stateroom, no single supplement required. Can sleep up to 1.
Spacious Ocean View
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, full bathroom and sitting area with sofa. Alcove with large forward-view panoramic window with seat and lounge chair.
Golden Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, full bathroom and private balcony.
Sky Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Experience a spectacular view for a memorable vacation from your comfortable balcony. Room Features: Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area with sofa, full bathroom and private balcony.
Connecting Oceanview Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. One double sofa bed in staterooms with up to 4 guests. Private balcony.
Connecting Inside
Category Code(s)
Grand Loft Suite with Balcony
Category Code(s)
Description One bedroom, two bathrooms, sleeps up to 4. Two-decks-high stateroom with panoramic views. Main level has open living/dining room with double sofa bed, bathroom and private balcony with dining area. On second level, master bedroom has a King size bed with Duxiana Mattress and bathroom
Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. One double sofabed. Full bathroom with tub, two sinks and second entrance that opens to living room. Living room with sofa that converts to double bed, entertainment center, and writing desk. Private balcony with seating area and private dining. Sleeps up to 4.
Silver Junior Suite
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. One double sofa bed. Sleeps up to 4.
Golden Junior Suite
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. Private balcony. Sleeps up to 2.
Sky Junior Suite
Category Code(s)
Description Indulge in a comfortable suite and enjoy the extra perks. Room Features: Two twin beds that convert to Royal King. Private balcony.
Owner's Suite - 1 Bedroom
Category Code(s)
Description Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, sitting area one double sofa, private balcony, sleeps up to 4 guests.
Ultimate Family Suite
Category Code(s)
Description The new Ultimate Family Suite is two stories of awesome thrills on every level. Like your very own in-suite slide where there's never a line, an air hockey table, table tennis on your balcony and access to just about any video game you could want. Plus a separate master suite where parents can escape to serene amenities
Deluxe Stateroom Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any deluxe stateroom, depending on availability.
Ocean View Balcony Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any balcony stateroom, depending on availability.
Oceanview Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any oceanview stateroom depending on availability.
Interior Guarantee
Category Code(s)
Description Any interior stateroom, depending on availability.

Please note: Stateroom images and features are samples only. Actual furniture, fixtures, colors, configurations and window/porthole views may vary.

Stateroom Legend
  • Stateroom Legend
  • 1C Ocean View with Large Balcony
  • 1D Ocean View Balcony
  • 1E Obstructed Ocean View Balcony
  • 1N Ocean View
  • 1U Interior with Virtual Balcony
  • 1V Interior
  • 2C Ocean View with Large Balcony
  • 2D Ocean View Balcony
  • 2E Obstructed Ocean View Balcony
  • 2F Studio Ocean View Balcony
  • 2N Ocean View
  • 2U Interior with Virtual Balcony
  • 2V Interior
  • 2W Studio Interior
  • 3C Ocean View with Large Balcony
  • 3D Ocean View Balcony
  • 3M Spacious Ocean View
  • 3V Interior
  • 4C Ocean View with Large Balcony
  • 4D Ocean View Balcony
  • 4M Spacious Ocean View
  • 4V Interior
  • 5D Ocean View Balcony
  • BG Golden Balcony
  • BY Sky Balcony
  • CB Connecting Oceanview Balcony
  • CI Connecting Inside
  • GL Grand Loft Suite with Balcony
  • GS Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom
  • J1 Silver Junior Suite
  • J4 Silver Junior Suite
  • JG Golden Junior Suite
  • JY Sky Junior Suite
  • OS Owner's Suite - 1 Bedroom
  • US Ultimate Family Suite
  • WS Deluxe Stateroom Guarantee
  • XB Ocean View Balcony Guarantee
  • YO Oceanview Guarantee
  • ZI Interior Guarantee
Stateroom Symbol Legend
  • Stateroom Symbol Legend
  • Stateroom with sofa bed
  • Stateroom has four additional Pullman beds available
  • Sofa Bed Eligible
  • Stateroom opens only on the starboard side
  • Connecting staterooms
  • These staterooms have obstructed views
  • Stateroom with sofa bed and third Pullman bed available
  • Stateroom has third and fourth Pullman beds available
  • Indicates accessible staterooms
  • Stateroom has third Pullman bed available
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